An Introduction


I will be the first to admit that clothes, in the grand scheme of things, are not that important. There are huge issues in the world. But. Every day, while we tackle those issues, we wear clothes (hopefully).

I have a passion for making clothes. My first love is knitting. And I have a flock of sheep and alpacas devoted to making yarn and knitting projects. But the sewing bug has recently caught me too. Compared to knitting, sewing feels like instant gratification.

So here’s my blog. It’s about making clothes you love for very little money. I have four rules I’m going to try to follow for each outfit I create here. The clothes should be:

1: Ethical – environmentally and socially responsible
2: Affordable – the cost matches the use I will get from my clothes
3: Comfortable – I feel good and can function well in them
4: Beautiful – wearing them gives me confidence and joy

Sometimes an item I make or wear29983702_10160268731240471_4989034212375703084_o will skip one of these rules (usually the beautiful rule because I spend so much time in a barn and with small children). But I’m trying to get better about creating a whole wardrobe that fits my style and my (new) standards.

I will tell you what patterns and materials I used whenever I can. Please know that any products I link in my blog, I do for your benefit and have not been paid to do so. If this ever changes, I will let you know.



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